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3 Steps Will Make Your Product Secure

We, Verisys, are the solution originally designed to protect your brand value, investment, reputation, and product. With a simple scan after scratching the layer from the label, Verisys verifies your authenticity for the product. In this way, it saves your products from fraud and allows you to enter into the secure system.

Verisys Vision

Our Vision

Verisys is the leading mobile authentication provider that offers best in class solutions to help ensure the security and authenticity of mobile users. Our vision is to fully integrate the mobile authentication with other security measures such as encryption and multi factor authentication. We provide multi layered protection services to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

verisys mission

Our Mision

Verisys aims to place a strong emphasis on users experience. We ensure that our users can quickly access the services they need without compromising on security. Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and security. We strictly focus on security, user experience, customization, and ongoing research to ensure that our customers are always protected by our most advanced and effective mobile authentication solutions.


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The label is not automatically deactivated after the initial scan; you can scan it more than once (e.g., to track a product in the supply chain). Nevertheless, capability to disable the label after the first scan (or a predetermined number of scans) can be included.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

100% Authentic

We are authentic to provide you most secure QR code and validate for only one product

Instant Result

We will provide you instant result of clear verification against the Scanned QR code

Ease of Use

Verisys system is easy to use and can easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

High Resolution

Generate unlimited number of high resolution QR code artwork files

Verisys specializes in providing secure and authentic solutions for products. We provide services for generating Verisys QR code, allowing users to create trackable QR codes.


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